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CS Centro Stirling, S. Coop. is the R&D&i unit of a group of companies, which is a leader in components and home subsystems sector, putting emphasis on the quality of their products, the effective use of energy and the insertion of renewable energies into the domestic environment.
As an extension of the use of these subsystems and components, CS Centro Stirling, S.Coop. adressses also several developments with practical application in the tertiary and industrial sectors.

CS Centro Stirling, S. Coop. besides being part of the development teams of their companies, acts as a scientific and technological bridge between market-customers-universities-technology centers, in order to form interdisciplinary teams and decrease the time-to-market of their developments.

CS Centro Stirling, S. Coop. has a highly qualified and experienced team in researching and human resources managing, aimed to contribute to the development of products for our customers in an efficient way, and to help them in their driven diversification initiatives.

CS Centro Stirling, S. Coop. is accredited as a Science and Technology Agent by the Basque Government, and is a part of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network.
It was established in September 2009, supported by Copreci, Eika, Embega, Fagor Electrónica, Matz-Erreka, Orkli and Tajo. It emerged in order to provide a coordinated response to R&D projects and to take advantage of the existing synergies in the area of renewable energies and their efficient use in the domestic environment.

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